Pubblicato da: Michele Angeloro | mercoledì, 5 marzo 08

L’ultima lettera


  1. no comment yet…
    & adesso torna, mi manchi tanto…

  2. Non ho parole……………
    Ora non penso che a riabbracciarti!

  3. ci vediamo presto

  4. il tuo viaggo dal lontano “ego” sta per terminare, … il ritorno è solo un ritrovarsi.
    “Ben trovato Michele”

  5. Dear friend, your wooded train is besides of me. Last 3 months I also have been gotten wonderful experience in this city. Of course, it was the best that I got best friends – you and Li. For me, Italy was just the good country of fashion, history and wine before I knew you. Now Italy has the meaning as a important being for me. So, thank you for you and your everything to share with me at the time.

    As you know, Li is already hired by Deloitte and he will work for it in London since this August. As you know I will study Japanese in the same school until March, 2009. During the term, I will apply for master of degree of a university in autumn. So if I pass the exam to enter the course, I can study my major in a university since April, 2009. It might take 4~5 years including job experience in this place. Then if I get a chance to apply for doctor of degree, I will go to US. It’s my whole plan for next 10 years.

    I hope we will be able to meet again as soon as possible in Tokyo, but Tokyo is just a bus stop for our lives. Tokyo is not important for us. We can get new experience anywhere and anytime, so don’t be too much concentrated on just Tokyo’s life and something. You can get a job, good people and experience even in New York, London and Paris and so on. I think if you have the special fate related with Tokyo, you will come back this place again. The special fate to connect with something or someone is called as a ‘緣’ by Buddihism words. So don’t get a budden and don’t be obsessed by the thought that you have to come back as soon as possible. Please enjoy your life – day by day in Italy with your family and your friends.

    Whether you come back to this gigantic city or not, you are my friend.
    It’s enough for me.

  6. !

  7. hghghghgh


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